If you have happy clients, then you will have a profitable disability practice, right?

Easier Said than Done!

Like many disability representatives, you are probably constantly looking for new ways to attract clients.  However, once you have them, then need to keep them!  You have to create a relationship that will cause them to want to stay your client.  Because as we all know, if you are not the appointed representative when the case is approved you are far less likely to get paid.  Besides who wants to spend hours preparing fee petitions.  So today we are talking about social security disability client management.  How to do it.  And do it right!

Keeping Clients Informed is the Key to a Successful Practice!

First, as we all know you have to keep your clients informed. And this is a very time consuming task.  The phones are ringing, your email is dinging, you have hearings to prep for and your paralegal just dumped a stack of files on your desk that you need to review.  So, you ask yourself what do I do first?  Time is precious and there are only so many hours in a day and week.  So am going to ask you to shift your thinking.  Instead, ask yourself … what can I do to automate the task of client communication?

What does the ABA says about client communication?

ABA Rule 1.4 says “reasonable communication between a lawyer and the client is necessary for the client effectively to participate in the representation.” Model Rules of Prof’l Conduct R. 1.4 (ABA 2020).   In fact, the “oddball ethics complaints may get more attention, but it’s the run-of-the-mill problems that are most likely to trip up lawyers.”  Debra Cassens Weiss, These common mistakes can lead to lawyer ethics complaints, ABA L.J. (2016).  So the point is, not only will poor client communication cause you to lose clients, you could end up with unnecessary bar complaints.  Who wants to deal with those, right?

Evaluating Your Current Practice!

So I ask you to take a deep dive and evaluate your current client management software.  Evaluate, how it can help you keep clients and avoid bar complaints.  If your current, client management software and database has a feature that will help you communicate with clients, then use it!  However, most of these client management software programs don’t have a way to automate client communication.

How to fix it if it is not working!

If yours doesn’t help you automate this time consuming task, then this blog post is calling your name!  When we created Disability Data Manager’s social security disability client management software and database we knew this was a problem for most disability representatives, attorneys and advocates.  To help you automate the work you hate so you can focus on what matters most, we created a feature to help you keep clients informed.  Our disability software will automatically notify your clients that their appeal was filed, you have requested their medical records, and submitted the records to SSA or OHO.  You have to understand your client’s needs.  And a clients top need is to know you are there and working on their claim.  They need to know that their file is not just sitting on your desk.  It is getting the attention they need and deserve.  So just knowing that you are working on their case often times is all they need to know.