Disability Data Manager Features

Fully Customizable

DDM is fully customizable. You know what your firm needs.  Therefore, DDM believes you should be able to control what you get!  With DDM you can customize any aspect of the social security case management software based on your firms specific needs. 


DDM is affordable.  Unlike some of our competition, DDM believes disability data management should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Only $30 per month/per user. 

Current Client Upload

Don’t lose what you have! If you can download your current client information to excel then you can upload that information to compatible fields in the DDM database.

Work From Anywhere

DDM is accessible from any web browser or devise. Take it anywhere and anytime.

DOT/SCO Included & Searchable

DDM includes jobs and information from the DOT and SCO, which allows users to search by DOT name, title, strength, SVP, reasoning, math, and/or language.   With DDM you will be fully prepared for VE testimony with the DOT at your fingertips

All Online - Nothing To Download

Everything is online so no need to download any software onto your computer.

SSA Forms

DDM comes with SSA forms but you can create your own as well. DDM will allow your firm to become productive and efficient with automatically populated forms.  With DDM there is no more wasted time entering client data into SSA forms.

Case Management

DDM allows you to organize all your case data and contact details in one place.  Unlike our competition, DDM allows you to have one client with multiple cases.  Only see what you need.  DDM has simplified case management by allowing you to only review the part of the administrative process that you need.  Unlike the competition, DDM believes there is no need to see a hearings section when a case is at the application level.

Document Generation & Management

Easily generate access, organize, edit, and collaborate on case documents with one centralized and secure document retrieval section.  Each client’s online folder can be accessed through DDM’s social security case management software.  Simply upload your client’s URL folder link and access it with one click of the mouse.  No more need to go to various places to access your client’s data and documents.

Client Communication

DDM believes keeping clients informed is vital to a successful disability practice.  DDM will automatically notify your clients via an email when you file their appeal.

Medical Providers

DDM allows you to keep a rolodex of medical providers, addresses, emails, phone numbers, fax numbers to make requesting records quick and efficient. 


DDM allows you to run specific reports to check each case’s status and to determine the overall operational performance of your business. DDM comes with standard reports, but other reports can be created and customized by you. Alerts are generated when cases have been dormant or deadlines are approaching. 

Employee Information and Time Tracking

DDM allows users to track employee time worked and personal time off (PTO).  With DDM there is no need for separate systems to keep track of your employees time and PTO.

Judges, VEs, and MEs

With DDM your firm can track and make notes of various Judges, VEs, and MEs so you know what to expect at your next hearing.

Lead Management & New Client Intake

DDM helps you keep track of potential clients.  Don’t let another potential client fall through your fingers. 

Federal Cases

DDM has a place to track federal cases for all your clients.

Records Request

Easily keep track of records you have requested and submitted using DDM.

Payment/Expense Balances

Easily track expenses you have incurred and payments that have made on each client’s account. 

Awards & Payments

With DDM easily track outstanding Notice of Awards, attorney fees owed, and attorney fees received.

No Long-Term Contracts

With DDM there are no long-term contracts and the subscription can be canceled at any time

Time Tracking

DDM has the option to track time on a client’s case if necessary. Easily track your hours as you go in cases where you know a fee petition will need to be filed.  DDM also allows for time track in cases where you will need to file federal EAJA and 406B fees.

Customizable & Simplified Social Security Disability Case Management

Secure Infrastructure

The protection of your data is extremely important to us. Each database is separate from every other database and no one can access it without prior authorization. It is encrypted via AES256. Our customers’ data resides on servers that are heavily guarded both physically and electronically.​​

Get A Free 15 Day Trial!

If you want to try Disability Data Manager, we offer a 15 day trial for you to make sure that it fits all of your needs.

1) register 2) click New 3) pick database under Function 4) click Disability Data Manager